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Family Violence: Kyle MacDonald: Domestic Violence is a Male Problem

Kyle MacDonald looks at the relationship between gender and domestic abuse

There's a sad fact about violence in this country: how safe you are is determined the second you are conceived. Your gender is the single biggest predictor of your lifelong risk of physical assault, childhood sexual assault, adult rape and intimate partner violence.

Privilege is invisible to me most of the time, as a Pakeha middle aged professional man who lives in a nice part of town. I've never been yelled at in the street, or abused because of how I look. I feel safe walking the streets at night, and I've never had to wonder if my partners over the years were going to assault me when they got angry.


Kyle MacDonald: Why Do People Self Harm?

The news has been reporting suicides in the Nauru detention centre, and described self harm as being an "epidemic" among the people detained there. Why do people deliberately harm themselves?

From the outside in, it can be very hard to understand how people overcome the natural and inbuilt desire to live and avoid injury and deliberately inflict physical pain on themselves.

Deliberate self harm is as old as humanity, and in modern psychiatry considered a symptom of mental illness.



Kyle MacDonald: What's the Best Way to Deal With Trauma?

 Kyle Macdonald answers the question "Do you have to have therapy to address past trauma in order to recover from depression and anxiety?" 

Firstly, it depends on how you define "trauma". Usually, people think of it as a threat to life and limb: Getting shot at, beaten up, raped, surviving a plane crash... these things are undoubtedly traumatic, but a useful definition of trauma is one which focuses on impact: Trauma is any event that overwhelms our capacity to cope emotionally.

It's also true that exceeding our capacity to cope is affected by both our capacity to cope, and the intensity of the event...

Kyle MacDonald: How Depression Impacts Motivation

Kyle MacDonald answers a question about how a lack of motivation could be a key indicator of depression

Motivation may very well be one of the most written about self help topics. This might say nothing, or may tell us it is key to the human condition and something we all struggle with at times. And it certainly is a key indicator of depression.

It's common to think about motivation as a "thing": you either have it or you don't. If you don't, the answer is to find it. Where might one find it, and how to go about the search? Well for many, including those that are experiencing depression, finding motivation can become the Holy Grail.


Kyle MacDonald: How Do I Show My Wife More Empathy?

Today Kyle MacDonald answers a question of empathy in a marriage and provides helpful tips for strengthening communication in the relationship.

"I need to be more empathic towards my wife and not shut off when she's telling me about her day at work. I want to contribute more to conversations without trying to provide solutions to what she's talking about."  -Hopeful Hubby

Like many things empathy is a skill, and requires practice. But what and how to practice are tricky questions that require an understanding of how empathy works.


Southland MP Says Current Mental Health Care is Putting People At Risk

NZ First MP Ria Bond has been approached by families who have been denied the help they need due to a lack of funding in our mental health system.

A recently released independent review into the mental health system in Wellington has found serious failings after five people died at the hands of mental health patients.

The Green Party has called for a nationwide mental health services review.

Kyle MacDonald: Does Therapy Make You More Crazy?

At some point I will have told all my clients "there is no wrong way to feel when you're sitting on that couch." It's a simple idea that in practice is very hard to follow, because so much of what makes us miserable is the ongoing struggle between ourselves and our feelings.

Often this conversation comes up when people talk about feeling dependent on therapy, relying on their therapist and missing them when they take a vacation. They can be left wondering "is this what it's supposed to feel like?"



Kyle MacDonald: Are You a Victim or a Bully?

The Nutter's Club resident psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald inspects bullying in todays society.

"Regarding bullying, reality is, it's killing many through suicide. Why is it so rife?" Concerned

Bullying is a word that has been redefined, a word we used to associate with schoolyard taunts. But the singling out of one child for physical attack is now synonymous with the cruel online attacks increasingly putting the lives of young people, and adults, at risk.

But is it any different? Or is online bullying (as tragic as the outcome can be) just more visible, and therefore more easily reported? And how does it drive some to take their own lives?

Queen Elizabeth Comes to the Rescue of PTSD Sufferer

A war surgeon has shared an incredibly touching moment between him, the Queen and her corgis.

A touching story has come to light about a truly heartwarming and compassionate moment between a war surgeon and the Queen. During a visit to Buckingham Palace in 2014, Dr. David Nott, one of Britain’s top vascular surgeons, was due to meet with the Queen to discuss his incredible achievements. Unfortunately his experience didn’t turn out exactly as he had expected.

You can read the story below on the MindFOOD website.


The Nutters Club Wins International Award

Our very own psychiatrist, Dr David Codyre is winning international praise for using Facebook to promote mental health.

East Tamaki Healthcare's David Codyre​ received the "Q Factor" award at the recent International Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Sweden. Q Factor is a session promoting promising ideas for global population health.

David won the award for his experience with Facebook as a platform for tapping into the power of informal peer support. Read the full story below....