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Report Slams Kiwi Mental Health Services

Damning new survey of 500 people who have accessed or worked within New Zealand's mental health system claims the sector is dehumanising and calls for an urgent independent inquiry.

The People's Mental Health Review report, released today, canvassed 500 people who have either accessed or worked within mental health services in New Zealand.

Almost 95 per cent of those surveyed had negative experiences of the sector and shared stories of inappropriately long wait times, an over-reliance on medication and an under-resourced, stressed workforce.


Hundreds of Suicides of People in Care Reveal Cracks in Health System - Labour

More than 500 mental health patients have died from suspected suicide while under care in the past four years, according to figures released to Labour by the Health and Quality Safety Commission.

Labour says the figures, released to the party by the Health and Quality Safety Commission, show mental health services are not coping with demand.



People's Review Calls for Independent Inquiry into 'Overwhelmed' Mental Health System

A people's review into mental health has found that New Zealand's mental health system is at such a boiling point, a full-scale independent inquiry is needed.

Psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald has been collating personal stories of New Zealanders' struggles as part of the people's review of the mental health system.

"There's lots of red flags, lots of problems, and lots of areas of the system are overwhelmed," Mr MacDonald said.

Nutters Club Hosts Mike King and Kyle MacDonald on Media Take to Discuss Mental Health

Nutters Club hosts Mike King and Kyle MacDonald featured on this week’s Maori Television show Media Take discussing mental health.

Also on the show was CEO of the Mental Health Foundation Shaun Robinson, clinical psychologist Pikihuia Pomare and mental health campaigner Lucy McSweeney



Kiwis Feel Abandoned by the Mental Health System

Comedian and mental health advocate Mike King has called out Health Minister Jonathan Coleman on his lack of knowledge on mental health matters.

King appeared on Maori TV programme Media Take on Tuesday night to discuss the issue, along with Shaun Robinson from the Mental Health Foundation who also voiced his disappointment.

In the episode, mental health campaigner Mike King and Mental Health Foundation CEO Shaun Robinson discuss New Zealand's current mental health issues ahead of the People's Mental Health Review results due to be released next Wednesday April 19th.

13 Reasons Why Prompts Warnings and New Classification Request

Mental health professionals and the chief censor are warning a US drama series depicting teenage suicide and rape could be harmful to Kiwi teenagers.

13 Reasons Why, a 13-part show about a teenage girl who commits suicide, was released in New Zealand on March 31 and has been given an adult rating by Netflix.

In addition to suicide the series includes rape, drug use and bullying. A graphic content warning precedes four of the episodes.

Depression Is Now the World’s Most Widespread Illness

In 2015, the WHO estimated 322 million people were living with depression, making it the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide.

Chances are, you or someone you know has grappled with depression. The global rate of disorder, which the World Health Organization defines as a "persistent sadness and a loss of interest in activities that people normally enjoy, accompanied by an inability to carry out daily activities for two weeks or more,” has risen by more than 18% since 2005, according to the agency.



Kyle MacDonald: How to Overcome Feeling Lonely and Isolated

From the very beginning, we all need other humans to survive. Babies are unable to survive without a parent. Toddlers are unable to regulate their emotions without caregivers. Solitary confinement is one of the most torturing experiences you can impose on a person, and without love the world stops going round (or something like that).

The bad news is we know becoming isolated from meaningful human connections is both a modern dilemma, and really bad for us. Some research suggests that a life of isolation (even when the person doesn't subjectively experience loneliness) can be as harmful to our long-term health outcomes as smoking.

Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Predict and Prevent Suicide

For years, Facebook has been investing in artificial intelligence fields like machine learning and deep neural nets to build its core business—selling you things better than anyone else in the world. But earlier this month, the company began turning some of those AI tools to a more noble goal: stopping people from taking their own lives.

Artificial intelligence offers the possibility to identify suicide-prone people more accurately, creating opportunities to intervene long before thoughts turn to action.



It’s Not Just What Jono Said – it’s How He Said It.

Through tears, Jono Pryor used the final minutes of Jono and Ben last night to shine a light on mental health following the recent suicide of a friend. Jess McAllen discusses the impact of such a raw television moment.

It’s hard to express just how much it means to hear someone on prime-time live television say that “no one thinks any less of you for taking medication” as Jono Pryor did in the final moments of Jono and Ben last night. He was talking about the funeral of a close friend who had recently killed himself.