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Kyle MacDonald: Should We Abandon Compulsory Mental Health Treatment?

I don’t like the idea of compelling anyone into treatment, and yet I’ve seen lives saved by detaining people against their will.

"Sectioning" is a term used by mental health workers as short hand for having someone assessed and treated under the "Compulsory Assessment and Treatment Act (1992)." - You can see why they shorten it.

The act allows doctors and certain nurses ("D.A.O's" or Duly Authorised Officers) to hold someone in a psychiatric hospital, due to concerns about them having a "mental disorder" of such a degree that it poses a "serious danger" to the health or safety of self or others or '"seriously diminished capacity" for self-care.

NZ Still a Long Way Behind Appropriate Mental Health Funding

Ali Mau speaks to registered psychologist and commentator Kyle MacDonald to get his thoughts on the announcement today from the Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman that new funding for mental health and addiction services would be included in this year's budget as part of a $321 million social investment package unveiled this week.




What I Learnt From Watching 13 Reasons Why With My Teenage Son

We could have tried to ban our children from watching 13 Reasons Why; we could have joined the outrage. 

Mental health professionals offer good reasons not to watch the teen suicide TV series 13 Reasons Why. They argue it sensationalises suicide and glamourises the central character, 17-year-old Hannah Baker. The show could disturb vulnerable teenagers, they argue. The term "suicide contagion" pops up. Instead we have tried to turn the show into an educational tool and conversation starter.


Dear Suicidal Me...: Poignant Video Shows People Reading out Their Own Suicide Notes to Prove There IS a way Back From Utter Despair

Two friends have released a heart-wrenching video of people reading their own suicide notes to try and offer hope to anyone battling their own demons.

Genevieve Mora and Jazz Thornton established Voices of Hope to highlight issues around suicide, with the strong message 'Living is better'.

The idea for the video came because I wanted to show hope in a way that hasn't been shown before,' Ms Thornton told Daily Mail.

Perpetrators or Patients?

More than 90 percent of prison inmates have a diagnosis of mental health or substance abuse disorder - so is New Zealand doing enough to divert these people away from jail?

Mike Wesley-Smith investigates, in association with the Mental Health Foundation.

Watch the video for the full report:




The Marathon Men: Suicidal Man Will Run Alongside Stranger Who Talked Him Down From a Bridge

Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn met for the first time on Waterloo Bridge: the former in such despair he was ready to jump, and the latter the unexpected good Samaritan who intervened.

With a promise that “things can get better” and an invitation for coffee, Neil successfully talked Jonny back to safety before they went their separate ways.

Eight years later, thanks to a nationwide social media campaign to “Find Mike” - Jonny’s nickname for the man who saved his life - the pair were reunited in an extraordinary moment in the public eye.

Secret Teacher: Class, I Wish I'd Told You the Truth About My Mental Health

Few people are brave enough to talk about mental health issues. I wasn’t and I passed up on perhaps the most ‘teachable moment’ of all

My health was poor while I was in the classroom. I was on medication, undergoing therapy and had to twice take time off sick when I couldn’t leave my house without breaking down. As the end of the year approached, I knew I would be leaving teaching.

But as the end of term loomed, I wondered: “What will I tell my students?” I remember standing in front of my lovely class, with whom I had developed an extremely good relationship, trying to find the words to explain why I was leaving them in the middle of their GCSEs.

Bill English Promises Mental Health Funding Increase - But No Review

Prime Minister Bill English says there will not be a review of the mental health system, but he has promised a funding increase.

The mental health system has faced criticism for being underfunded and under-resourced with stretched staff. The People's Mental Health Review released last week called for a national review and increased funding.


Duncan Garner: The Mental Health System is Failing

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman needs to do more - much more - to improve mental health services, says Duncan Garner.

There's a popular theory that anyone – and everyone – walks a fine line between sanity and insanity at some stage in their lives. Plenty of people hit turbulence or suffer something terrible that knocks them about and messes with perspective.




If Cancer Patients Were Treated Like Addicts: Hard-Hitting PSAs Aim to ‘Stop the Shame’

What if family members treated cancer patients the same way they view people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction?

That’s the premise of a new campaign, “Stop the Shame,” from Kansas City-based alcohol and drug prevention and recovery organization First Call. VML worked with the nonprofit to create a series of powerful ads comparing addiction to different diseases, with one focused on cancer and another on Parkinson’s.

The hope is, whether good or bad, the ads will spark discussions about addiction. People may disagree with the method used in the ads, but First Call really hopes to help people struggling with addiction and their families feel less shame for something they can’t always control.