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Welcome to The Nutters Club, an online resource designed to inspire discussion and offer help with all things related to mental health.

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Founded in 2009 by Mike King, The Nutters Club began life as a radio show which encouraged us all to take ownership of our own mental health.

In the years following we’ve made it to TV, published a book and have a robust Facebook community where people interact every day. This website has been designed to be the hub for all things Nutters Club. Whether you’ve heard us on the radio, found us online or on TV, or if you’ve been referred to this site by your health professional, you are welcome here. 

Nutters Video Clips

From time to time we will be producing new mini episodes of The Nutters Club from our Newstalk ZB studio. You’ll find these and other clips here.

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TV Shows

Seventy five epsidoes of The Nutters Club TV show have been produced on topics such as depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, anxiety and much more.

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Radio Shows

You can catch up on our Newstalk ZB radio show here every week with these podcasts of the entire show.

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Latest TV show

Gary McPhee

Biker and colourful Mayor of Carterton, straight-talking Gary McPhee shares the microphone with Mike King and the ‘Nut-Cracker’ Dr David Codyre. From behind his tough exterior, Gary reveals his story of depression and crisis, and tells of finding a way through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Latest radio show

From Mob & Meth to a Balanced Life

Puk Kireka grew up in poverty, leaving school at 14 to join youth gangs. By 17 had begun his own youth gang, which gained the attention of the Mongrel Mob. He gained his infamous Mob patch, which offered him validation, financial gain initially, but led to a meth addiction and prison time. After his second term in jail he found healthy strategies, like exercise for managing life’s stressors, and found the inner resource to kick his meth addiction. On his road to recovery, Kireka attempted to enter the work force, but with a gang background and facial tattoo challenging this dream, he reached out for help through a social media post, and Robbie Gale responded, offering to pay him living wage be his personal trainer for a year. Kireka and Gale share how positive change is possible against the odds when unconventional approached and kindness are employed. They share with Hamish Coleman-Ross and mental health therapist Anna Elders.

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