Welcome to the Nutters Club

Welcome to The Nutters Club, an online resource designed to inspire discussion and offer help with all things related to mental health.

You can join the discussion on Facebook
and find us talking it up over at Newstalk ZB.

The Nutters Club is a world first media phenomenon that has changed and saved lives. It has spawned a very large, strong and supportive Facebook community and morphed into a popular television series on Maori Television. Over 500,000 people view the Nutters Club Facebook page every week.

Now in its 15th year the radio show continues as the most popular in it's Sunday night timeslot. A live interview/talkback, The Nutters Club radio show deals with all the tough stuff that many in society would prefer to keep in the closet. Topics like mental health issues, drug/alcohol addictions and the socially taboo.

The show is hosted by Hamish Williams and Kyle MacDonald.

Nutters Video Clips

From time to time we will be producing new mini episodes of The Nutters Club from our Newstalk ZB studio. You’ll find these and other clips here.

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TV Shows

Seventy five epsidoes of The Nutters Club TV show have been produced on topics such as depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, anxiety and much more.

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Radio Shows

You can catch up on our Newstalk ZB radio show here every week with these podcasts of the entire show.

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Latest TV show

Gary McPhee

Biker and colourful Mayor of Carterton, straight-talking Gary McPhee shares the microphone with Mike King and the ‘Nut-Cracker’ Dr David Codyre. From behind his tough exterior, Gary reveals his story of depression and crisis, and tells of finding a way through to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Latest radio show

Rising Above Trauma

Riqi Harawera talks about the masks he began to wear as coping mechanisms as a small child growing up in an unstable environment. These masks developed into addictions and other mental health challenges.

Now ten years sober, Riqi opens up to Hamish Williams and psychologist Dr. Emma Woodward about the abuse he faced as a child, his battles with addiction, his path through rehabilitation programs and how he found strength in vulnerability to move beyond trauma.

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