Stop Facebook Sharing Suicide Videos

Stop Facebook Sharing Suicide Videos

In a recent edition of The Nutters Club radio show Mike King and Kyle MacDonald talk about how sharing suicide videos is dangerous and how Facebook needs to help prevent teenage suicide by removing these posts.

If you think you’re helping by sharing videos that show suicide or self harm, you’re not. Research shows that when suicides are reported in detail, including how the person did it, there is a sharp rise in “copycat” suicides.

Recently The Nutters Club hosts Mike King and Kyle MacDonald raised the issue of a video of a 12 year old girl committing suicide with Facebook. Says Kyle “ I came across the video via Facebook. Someone alerted me to it less than a week after her death. I did what any reasonable person would do: I followed Facebook’s own advice and reported it for showing graphic details of self-harm or suicide. Less than two hours later I received a reply. It wasn’t what I expected”

Facebook said "We’ve reviewed the share you reported for showing someone injuring themselves and found that it doesn’t violate our Community Standards”.

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