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Secret Teacher: Class, I Wish I'd Told You the Truth About My Mental Health

Few people are brave enough to talk about mental health issues. I wasn’t and I passed up on perhaps the most ‘teachable moment’ of all

My health was poor while I was in the classroom. I was on medication, undergoing therapy and had to twice take time off sick when I couldn’t leave my house without breaking down. As the end of the year approached, I knew I would be leaving teaching.

But as the end of term loomed, I wondered: “What will I tell my students?” I remember standing in front of my lovely class, with whom I had developed an extremely good relationship, trying to find the words to explain why I was leaving them in the middle of their GCSEs.

Bill English Promises Mental Health Funding Increase - But No Review

Prime Minister Bill English says there will not be a review of the mental health system, but he has promised a funding increase.

The mental health system has faced criticism for being underfunded and under-resourced with stretched staff. The People's Mental Health Review released last week called for a national review and increased funding.


Duncan Garner: The Mental Health System is Failing

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman needs to do more - much more - to improve mental health services, says Duncan Garner.

There's a popular theory that anyone – and everyone – walks a fine line between sanity and insanity at some stage in their lives. Plenty of people hit turbulence or suffer something terrible that knocks them about and messes with perspective.




If Cancer Patients Were Treated Like Addicts: Hard-Hitting PSAs Aim to ‘Stop the Shame’

What if family members treated cancer patients the same way they view people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction?

That’s the premise of a new campaign, “Stop the Shame,” from Kansas City-based alcohol and drug prevention and recovery organization First Call. VML worked with the nonprofit to create a series of powerful ads comparing addiction to different diseases, with one focused on cancer and another on Parkinson’s.

The hope is, whether good or bad, the ads will spark discussions about addiction. People may disagree with the method used in the ads, but First Call really hopes to help people struggling with addiction and their families feel less shame for something they can’t always control.

Harry: I Spent 20 Years Not Thinking About it and Two Years of Total Chaos

Harry speaks frankly about fighting his demons after his mother’s death and how he finally sought professional help

Prince Harry has disclosed that he sought counselling after two years of “total chaos” while still struggling in his late twenties to come to terms with his mother’s death.

The prince said in an astonishingly frank interview with the London Daily Telegraph that he “shut down all his emotions” for almost two decades after losing his mother, Princess Diana, despite his brother, Prince William, trying to persuade him to seek help.

One in Four Young Australians 'in Psychological Distress

Almost a quarter of young Australians are living with "probable serious mental illness", according to a study.

The number of people aged 15-19 in psychological distress is higher than five years ago, said the report by a charity and a mental health group.

It also showed girls and indigenous Australians are more likely to suffer serious mental illness.

The report recommended more investment in evidence-based online support tools and improving mental health education.


Report Slams Kiwi Mental Health Services

Damning new survey of 500 people who have accessed or worked within New Zealand's mental health system claims the sector is dehumanising and calls for an urgent independent inquiry.

The People's Mental Health Review report, released today, canvassed 500 people who have either accessed or worked within mental health services in New Zealand.

Almost 95 per cent of those surveyed had negative experiences of the sector and shared stories of inappropriately long wait times, an over-reliance on medication and an under-resourced, stressed workforce.


Hundreds of Suicides of People in Care Reveal Cracks in Health System - Labour

More than 500 mental health patients have died from suspected suicide while under care in the past four years, according to figures released to Labour by the Health and Quality Safety Commission.

Labour says the figures, released to the party by the Health and Quality Safety Commission, show mental health services are not coping with demand.



People's Review Calls for Independent Inquiry into 'Overwhelmed' Mental Health System

A people's review into mental health has found that New Zealand's mental health system is at such a boiling point, a full-scale independent inquiry is needed.

Psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald has been collating personal stories of New Zealanders' struggles as part of the people's review of the mental health system.

"There's lots of red flags, lots of problems, and lots of areas of the system are overwhelmed," Mr MacDonald said.

Nutters Club Hosts Mike King and Kyle MacDonald on Media Take to Discuss Mental Health

Nutters Club hosts Mike King and Kyle MacDonald featured on this week’s Maori Television show Media Take discussing mental health.

Also on the show was CEO of the Mental Health Foundation Shaun Robinson, clinical psychologist Pikihuia Pomare and mental health campaigner Lucy McSweeney