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Kyle MacDonald: The Real Impact of Stress

increasingly, it looks like stress is one of the leading factors when it comes to understanding the rising rates of depression and anxiety.

Stress. It's one of those modern buzzwords. We all know what it means, and what it feels like: the clawing in your gut, the tension headaches, the inability to sit still and relax because there is always something to be done, always a problem to be tended to.

And while we can all identify with feeling stressed at times, the kind of stress that really causes harm is when our "fight – flight" survival mechanisms fire up.


Kyle MacDonald: The Real Reason People get so Angry About Beggars

Calls to once more "ban begging", this time in Christchurch, have hit headlines. It's sadly one of those stories that flares up from time to time, with the predictable outrage on both sides ensuring the debate gets aired but never resolved.

It's got me wondering: why do some people get so enraged by the presence of people sitting on public streets asking for money? And, bizarrely, why do some people get furious about the fact that someone can actually make enough money to live on from the activity. I mean, isn't that kind of the point?


Kyle MacDonald: The Truth About Depression

There is no one "depression".

Everything has an upside and a downside. We've come so far with our efforts to de-stigmatise mental illness by encouraging people to talk about their struggles with anxiety and depression that it seems almost normal to hear about such things from friends, co-workers and celebrities.

But with this increased awareness, there has been a cost. Sometimes we struggle to know what depression is anymore.


Kyle MacDonald: Why Fear is Good for Kids

Being a therapist and a parent is not an easy ride. I know too much about the kinds of awful things people experience in childhood and the ways events can impact us for life.

While I can get a bit neurotic about it at times, it's normal to want to protect our children from fearful things. Childhood fears, though, are normal - even necessary.



Kyle MacDonald: What's Really Behind our Rising Anxiety?

There is little doubt that anxiety levels are increasing, worldwide. And no faster than in children and young people. And despite what Fox News and various websites might want us to believe, for most of us the world is also getting safer, and we're living longer.

So, why are we getting more anxious?



Kyle MacDonald: Harvey Weinstein and What's Missing From Society

The recent revelations about Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse and rape of women in Hollywood and its cover up is deeply shocking.

It's also lead to a necessary public conversation about sexual harassment and sexual violence, exemplified by the recent flurry of women I care about and respect posting #metoo on their social media timelines.


Kyle MacDonald: The Problem With Mental Health Awareness Week

Tuesday October the 10th is recognised worldwide as "World Mental Health Day" and this week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

I have a problem with Mental Health Awareness Week: It's still not clear to me what it is we're trying to do, what kind of awareness are we trying to raise?

Are the people who need to be more aware actually listening?


Mum seeks inquiry into mental health after daughter's suicide

The parents of a 15-year-old girl who took her own life two months ago are pleading with the Government to address mental health support.

Hana Reedy and Api Nasedra are presenting a photo of their daughter, Ariana Reedy, framed by the names of thousands of New Zealanders calling for an inquiry into mental health.


Kyle MacDonald: Is National Right About E-therapy for Mental Health?

Encouraging people who may already feel bereft of human connection to seek solace from a digital programme is like holding Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in a pub.

When National's record on mental health was questioned in the final Leaders Debate before the election, party leader Bill English made the bold claim that e-therapy works as well as face-to-face therapy. But does it? And what is e-therapy anyway?

Sometimes referred to as digital mental health care, e-therapy is any form of psychological intervention that is provided via a digital device. It includes guided video and text based treatment, sort of like an interactive self-help book. In some cases, it is aided by email or chat with professionals, or even video chat with a therapist or counsellor.

So does this work?


Kyle MacDonald: Why You'll Probably Vote for the Wrong Party

However, I've been challenging people I know to confuse themselves. There are a number of great political questionnaires that have been set up for this election that enable you to see which parties your values and beliefs actually line up with

A certain Bulgarian-Maori friend of mine has some wisdom he trots out when people ignore evidence: "Don't confuse me with the facts". Psychologists call it "confirmation bias".

Either way, odds are you're voting for the wrong party. How do you decide who to vote for? Policy; personality; team loyalty; favourite colour?